Friday, May 21, 2010

Homemade Recipe Cards - wedding shower gift

Forgive me, these were taken on my Blackberry this afternoon.

A co-worker is getting married in a few weeks, and we threw him a shower in the office today. I wasn't really sure if I should go with a gift off the registry (remember, I'm mostly broke!!) or even get a gift at all -- I've only known the people in my office for 6-8 months.

I settled on homemade recipe cards for pineapple fried rice, bulgogi and sesame noodles. Had I thought a bit more in advance, I think I would have rounded the gift out with some ingredients, maybe a small sack of rice and can of pineapple, or a package of Chinese noodles and a small jar of peanut butter.

My boss suggested I write "from the Kitchen of Emma L. Carew" on the backs of them, which I thought was a cute idea. If I could draw at all, I might have doodled around the edges, but ... well, I can't.

Anyway, I think they're fun, and I think they were well received! Anyone else used recipes for similar gifts?

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  1. I've used them in conjunction with gifts before for a personal touch, like for a wedding (gave them a muffin tin with a couple muffin recipes) and as hostess gifts, which I really like (a spreader with a dip recipe, sauce with BBQ, cookie cutter with cookie recipe, etc). I love doing it!