Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Food blogging?

A recent college grad moves to Washington DC to join the cycle of perpetual interning.

She loves to cook and bake. But in the move across the country, she brought only the "necessities" for her kitchen, and is trying to make do in the meantime.

Writing and food seem to go together, so here it is: official thoughts on cooking and eating, all while dreaming of that perfect kitchen someday. I practically have the William Sonoma website catalog memorized; wandering in the kitchen section at Target and Homegoods cheers me up.

In addition to not having my dream kitchen gear, I'm also cooking for two on an intern's stipend, so meals occasionally get crafty. Two failed attempts at making Korean kimbap (rice, seaweed, assorted vegetables and some meat) were tossed in the skillet and rechristened as pork fried rice. Yum!

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