Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kitchen Faves

OK, First Things First:

IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to me! (courtesy of my VERY loving grandmother, Nan!!) I am now the VERY excited owner of a 9-cup Cuisinart food processor. Looking forward to making some soup and hummus this weekend to break it in!!


I feel like I've been having kitchen-withdrawal. Between being at my parents' house, and now being in the middle of the move, I've only been doing minimal cooking.

So, while I've been missing my kitchen things, I put together my list of my favorite kitchen things that I'm most looking forward to using when I finally get all set up! (which sounds like it may be Monday)

Tools I Love:
* short wood handled spreader
* hand held strainer
* bread knife
* pastry brush
* rice cooker
* kitchen scissors

These are all things that I love because I use them often, and use them for a TON of things. The spreader? it's a cheese knife, cupcake froster, mayo spreader, etc. The bread knife? best thing in my kitchen for cutting up pineapple. And while most people think they have no use for a rice cooker - I would counter that. You can make quinoa or couscous, you can steam fish or vegetables, and rice is a REALLY easy thing to prepare. This is my go to wedding gift - because most folks don't think to register for one. I, of course, also tuck my favorite fried rice recipes inside to give it a little personal touch.

Dreaming? of getting back into cooking every day, of course!!

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