Friday, November 6, 2009

More great wisdom from Bitten

More reasons why Mark Bittman is really one of the best food writers out there.

He posts excerpts today from a Q&A he did with Time Out New York:

"Question: “What would you say is the most important skill to develop in the kitchen?
Answer: “The ability to go in there and start. I am the least impressive cook you will ever see. I am completely without knife skills, I screw things up all the time. When I’m in the kitchen I’m not obsessively trying to create the perfect dish; I’m trying to put dinner on the table. Comparing yourself to the people who cook on television is like comparing yourself to Andre Agassi. If you can drive you can cook.”"

I often bemoan my own distinct lack of plating skills and my lack of nice kitchen equipment. But the thing is -- I'm really more interested in how a dish tastes and how it was made. In my kitchen, soups, carbonara, and Korean barbeque are all served out of the same $1 plastic bowls from Target.

If you don't follow Bitten, you definitely should! Great food, and often great discussion on food and food philosphy.

Happy Friday!

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